The Evans Family

Missionaries to São Paulo, Brazil

Our Ministry

Our Field

God has called our family to be missionaries to São Paulo, Brazil. Brazil is a multicultural country with nearly 200 million residents. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, and it is the fifth largest country in the world. Brazil takes up almost half of the continent of South America and has more people than the rest of the South American nations combined. The Portuguese colonists brought the Catholic religion to Brazil, and Catholicism now accounts for about 70% of the population. Brazil has more Catholics than any other country in the world. Brazil's landscape is diverse and includes the world’s largest tropical rain forest and the mighty Amazon River. About 80% of the country’s population lives within 200 miles of the Atlantic coast where most of Brazil’s big cities and towns are located.

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and is the seventh largest metropolitan area in the world with over 20 million people. São Paulo is a huge mission field in need of laborers to gather the Lord’s harvest. São Paulo is the leading commercial, financial, and industrial center in Brazil. The city and its surrounding area account for almost half of Brazil's total industrial output.

Our Team

We will be working as a team with Nathan and Diane Fray who have served as missionaries in São Paulo for over 15 years. We first met Nathan and Diane in 1994 when they were a young couple on deputation. We formed an immediate friendship and have kept in touch with them and their ministry. Nathan is a second-generation missionary, and he and Diane have a thriving ministry in São Paulo. During their three terms on the field, they have started three churches that are pastored and led by national pastors. They are currently working on their fourth church plant.

Our goal in São Paulo is to plant indigenous churches that bring honor and glory to God by evangelizing the lost, edifying the saints, and equipping believers for the work of the ministry. In addition to our church-planting ministry, we will also be working at Camp Betel. Camp Betel is a 12-acre camp located in São Paulo that offers camps, conferences and workshops for all ages. The camp fulfills a great need for a camp ministry in São Paulo, and it also provides an important ministry to the handicapped.